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guns out on the black top
backdrop blender
chopped and screwed accrued dents to the tender parts
deep fried picket signs
douple dipping on an idealogue

hold for applause
it feels better when they don't tho
gunshy no show show boat sink
distinguishing a slow poking bottlin neck funneling weaklinks
humanity's in trouble don't you think?

unwind with the drawstring
sawed off coughing
ascend/descend until im rocky tough
rockin pizza socks a freak scuttling amongst defunct pitiful short fall bubble up

popped into a mullygrub belly rub
looking like hell erupt
time to turn belly up

till the whole world's lava
all fun and games until the hellhounds are lapping it up

stuck after the button
some of them are begging to call some of them bluffin
indifferent as an omnivore before shoveling down supper and shame pills
reminder then rain still pours

through a leaky valve
pipe dream outside and it's freezing out
something to get behind and stick my teeth around
accountability selective it's call being protective girllll

call a spade a spade until it's digging your graves
head spinning but it's been in a way depraved lately
listen this is it what it made me
two parts limited the last third escaped the measurements

pay per tenement contains the elements
contagious evidence and it's airborne

cough it up
liquid disgusting
swash buckling barnacle butter cup turned stale

hold tight with the broken nails
or discover the composition a coat tails


from Possum - Oong, released February 23, 2017
ft. Bill Evans



all rights reserved


WokeBoys Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2 boys just drinking birdy

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